Curriculum Vitae


Mr. Hooper has over forty years’ experience in the custom home and commercial construction business and inspections. In this time he has constructed over 260 single family homes and 34 commercial buildings in different capacities including Supervisory, Forman, Contractor and Consultant, and performed in excess of 1000 remodeling and build out projects.

 Mr. Hooper has testified, and provided depositions, for a large number of cases involving the Home Inspection Field, Building Inspection Field, Personal Injury in Construction, Personal Injury, Condemnation, Building Codes, Demolition, Substantial Damage, Substantial Improvement, Eminent Domain, and Construction Defect Cases. Mr. Hooper has been qualified in most areas or aspects of construction and contracts as an expert witness involving these cases.

 Mr. Hooper has taught courses in New Construction Inspection Training at the National level for a company located in Jacksonville Florida. These classes are held throughout the United States. Students include Architects, Engineers, Building Officials / Inspectors, Contractors and Home Inspectors. Mr. Hooper has helped develop the course and co-authored the training manual for this course.

 Mr. Hooper has taught continuing education classes to State of Florida Certified and Registered Contractors through Florida Atlantic University.

 Mr. Hooper has taught home inspection courses for FABI, ASHI, NAHI, NACHI and the Gold Coast School of construction.

 Mr. Hooper is an author, and co-author, of technical and building code articles for the Inspection Voice, a publication of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

 Mr. Hooper has been a featured speaker and paid speaker at educational seminars in the State of Florida and the nation. Mr. Hooper’s speaking engagements include FABI, ASHI, NAHI and other professional Associations and at numerous conferences

Mr. Hooper has performed inspections for municipalities and county’s furnishing inspection affidavits for these inspections and sign offs for Building Departments.

 Mr. Hooper’s business started operations January 10, 1994 and he has since inspected over 8,500 commercial, single and multifamily homes for both resale and new construction.

 Mr. Hooper’s business provides technical advice and consulting services in all phases of construction related fields. This work scope includes estimating, contract reviews for completeness, required building code elements, and the bidding process. Construction monitoring, supervision of construction and dispute resolution are also within the area of services provided by Mr. Hooper and his business. Clients include, Homeowners Associations, Attorneys, Corporations and Private Individuals.

 January 10, 1994 to Date:

 Self Employed Consultant and Inspector.

 September 2, 1993 to January 2008:

 Mr. Hooper set up and opened the company, Architectural Construction Technologies, Inc. that he owned and operated.

 August 25, 1992 to September 2, 1993:

 All Claims Insurance Repairs, Hollywood Florida, Ken Carmen owner, a general contracting firm licensed in the state of Florida, Mr. Hooper was an estimator and project manager for this company after hurricane Andrew. Mr. Hooper documented and estimated damages including required repairs to homes and commercial buildings for some of the large insurance companies in south Florida through All Claims Insurance Repairs, (ITT Hartford, USFG, USAA, GEICO, and CHUBB). Mr. Hooper personally inspected, documented and photographed over 623 homes and commercial buildings in this time. Mr. Hooper was responsible for the estimation and completion of in excess of 12 million dollars in construction and reconstruction repairs.

 January 21, 1978 to August 25, 1992:

 Mr. Hooper was a General Contractor, Supervisor, and Project Manager for both single family homes and commercial buildings during this time. These buildings are located in nine different states. There are several Architects and Engineers that Mr. Hooper performed work for including other General Contractors.


 State of  Florida Certified General Contractor #CGC057376, status active.

 State of  Florida Certified Standard Building Inspector #BN003806, status active.

 Southern Building Code Congress International Building Inspector #7254

 Southern Building Code Congress International Mechanical  and Gas Inspector #2226 

 Southern Building Code Congress International Plumbing Inspector #3317

 International Code Council Building Inspector #5186339-B5

 International Code Council Mechanical and Gas Inspector #5186339-M5

 International Code Council Plumbing Inspector #5186339-P5

 Mr. Hooper has registered his licensing in numerous local municipalities and counties

over the years including Broward, Martin and Palm Beach Counties in Florida.

Past Registered Professional Inspector Florida Association of Building Inspectors RPI0138, and Master Inspector.

Past  President for Florida Association of Building Inspectors, (FABI).

See attached qualifications sheet for further.



Attended Bemidji State University, (at the time a satellite of the University of Minnesota), for Architectural / Engineering. (Mr. Hooper did not finish his degree).

Trained Auto Cad operator, New England Institute of Technology.

Continuing Education as required for Contractors Certification, Building Inspectors and Code Administrators,  Florida Association of Building Inspectors and the Gulfstream Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Past member of the United States Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association.

Past member of The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 1934.

Past member of The United Brotherhood of Painters Plasterers and Allied Trades, Local 106.

Numerous Trade and Building Associations through the years.

State of Oklahoma Department of Health Approved Instructor for Inspection Training,

# I-034.

Approved Instructor State of Florida, 30 hours in New Construction Inspection Training.

Approved Instructor State of Florida Home Inspector Licensing Continuing Education.